Another case of idiotic Americans being sue happy

Read this article at the Chicago Sun Times about 'Grand Theft Auto' makers blamed for triple killing

This is another prime example of parents blaming someone else for their child's actions and trying to get rich for $600 million!!   Idiots.   

Think about this:

  1. How and why did the child get access to a Gun and ammunition?   maybe because parent's didnt have a Gun Safe or gun lock?
  2. Does the kid actually think that if it happens in a video game, it must be ok?
  3. Why do the parents allow the child to play a violent video game?  
  4. Did the parents not have the one-on-one talk about "hey, guns are dangerous" or "hey, don't kill people" or "hey, mommy and daddy need to work more so you need to babysit yourself for a while. "