Apache Slow on Windows Local network

So I was having issues where I was accessing my Window 7 tower that has apache webserver installed.    When accessing localhost on the box it was nice and fast.   It should be for an i7 processor and 6GB of ram.    BUT if I accessed the machine from my laptop within my home network, it was taking a LONG time for apache to return anything.   Here is what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. Pinged my tower from the laptop and response time was 3ms so network speed wasnt the problem.
  2. Created a static html file and pulling it up was still slow so I knew it wasnt PHP or MySQL performance.   had to be DNS, router, or something with Apache.
  3. The first change I made on the server, was to say goodbye to DHCP.   Gave the server a static IP address.
  4. Disabled the IPv6 protocol on the server's network adapter.
  5. Disabled DMZ on the Linksys wireless router since I didnt need it.

VOILA!   Superfast web server response time now.    Hope this helps someone