Christmas Visit

We had a super time visiting family and friends this year for the holidays. Gianna got to meet Great Grandpa Brown, Great Grandma Glasser, and a lot of aunts and uncles in Murphysboro. In Chicago, we took her to meet cousin Fay (Fay has been diagoned with Alzheimer's disease) on Christmas day. and Fay just loved her. Gianna got to see her cousin Sage in Elgin, and stayed up late with Grandma and Grandpa Lee, Cindy and Gary, and baby Connor on New Year's Eve.

I was pleasantly surprised by friend Linda's news that she and husband Greg are expecting identical twins!

Now Josh, Gianna and I are back in the swing of things and back to work. Josh is still with Cnet, and traveled to NYC for a week and a half before Christmas to get training on some new software. He is still active in NAXJ, and just installed the upper control arms I bought him for Christmas. I am now working 2 days a week for Santa Ana College-still teaching Music Arts to seniors at 3 different locations.
Happy New Year!!!!

Love Josh, Nicole and Gianna