Outlook 2010 Crashes on Startup

My Outlook 2010 kept crashing on start-up.    According to the event logs, was due to faulting module mso.dll with Event ID 1000.   Here's the steps I took to resolve it on win 7 Home Premium.

  1. ran scanpst.exe in C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Office 14/ folder - found some errors in the pst file so I repaired it.   Outlook still didn't load.
  2. Found that I had many Outlook related Windows Updates to run and install.   Did that.  No dice.
  3. What worked: 
    1. Closed Outlook
    2. Cut and pasted the mso.dll file over to the Desktop folder as a temp holding spot
    3. Started Outlook and it reran the Microsoft Office Single image installer.
    4. Let it complete
    5. Started outlook and it finally gave me a handy error that the Exchange plugin kept failing - would I like to disable it?   HELL YES
    6. Voila!!! Outlook started up