Signs that you might be driving in California!

I figured I would come up with a list.    Signs you might be driving in California....these I've actually seen and experience on a day to day basis

  1. When a Full size pickup with a 20" lift, 8" aluminum blocks, 35" tires and bling bling 20" rims doing 85mph
  2. When you have been patiently waiting for 10 minutes in the turn lane for the freeway ramp only for some asshat to pass everyone, then block the thru traffic to butt in line, and cut you off right at the turn.
  3. When drivers speeding in the right turn only lane to by-pass traffic and swerve into the middle lane when the right turn lane ends.
  4. when all the slow drivers are in the fast lane while no one is in the slow lanes.
  5. when people leave 2 car lengths in front of them at a red light so it never trips the light sensors.
  6. when it rains, everyone slows down to 25 mph in a 65mph because they've never seen rain before.  
  7. When drivers think that the blinkers are accessories instead of a necessity
  8. When drivers think that they turn on their blinkers, they expect you to move out of the way while they force themselves over and cause you to slam on your brakes to avoid collision. 
  9. When those old vietnamese women who can barely drive talk on the cell phone and pull a U-turn over double yellow solid lines and turn right in front of you.  
  10. When you bought a new car and had been rear-ended twice in 3 months.
  11. When drivers in the fast lane drive at the same slow speed as the person in the next lane, not allowing you to pass.
  12. When the drivers commit any of the above and when you honk at them, they flip you off and cuss thinking its your fault. 
  13. When the drivers speed and drive over the 200 foot limit in the center turn lane.  
  14. When the drivers pull out in front of fast traffic causing you to slam on your brakes. 
  15. Improper lane changes for no reason.   They change lanes without using their blinkers even if they dont need to get around or pass any other cars.
  16. When the drivers drive on the right shoulder for many blocks, that is clearly NOT a marked lane
  17. When the person merges onto the freeway does a quadruple lane change to the fast lane when noone else is in front of them.