Site Suspension

our site was suspended by ipowerweb recently. ipowerweb could not even tell me why EXACTLY it was suspended. They said there was a security hole but could not explain what security hole. When I emailed the abuse group, they kept responding saying that the site is up and running fine.....DUH! It is now because I had to call and get it unsuspended. someone emailed me explaining that my site sent out a spam email from the lottocoordinator about some lottery scam. Nigerian Scam Artist using PHPNuke sites to spam.

As reported on

...using PHPNuke's 'Webmail' module to send UCE (spam) messages.

If you have your Webmail module set to be able to send mail you should be aware of this person who has been signing up using names like lottocoordinator, programcoordinator, goldenlotto and like names. The person is using Yahoo and Yahoo.Co.Uk e-mail addresses to setup the accounts and then once verified logs into your system and begins sending hundreds of messages. The person doing it has been tracked down to Italy on an .it domain.

If users have the Webmail module enabled to send mail you may want to keep an eye out for this person for since we caught them and blocked them from our Class C it is likely they will just find new Nuke sites in which to continue their abuse. "

So if I see a username or account on this site, and if I do not see a name associated or if I do NOT recognize who you are, your account will be deleted./>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>