Blue Knights Performance in Riverside

Josh and I (I know it's supposed to be Josh and me but my early years of grammar are instilled) were fortunate to get to see Ryan (my cousin) perform with the Blue Knights in his California segment of the summer Drum Corps tour. As we were strolling about through the parking lot where the troupes warm up, there was a percussion section that particularily stood out. We walked closer to get a sneak preview, and Josh, being a drummer himself, was awed by their talents. When we discovered it was the Blue Knights, Ryan's group, we were even more excited!
They put on a great show this year, and Ryan had all of the tricky steps down, while manipulating and making marvelous sounds with the contra bass. We had a nice visit with Ryan afterward as well.
The only disappointment was when Josh's car was vandalized with flour and jam by some local delinquents.