Double Helix Review

I found this old review of Double Helix on Back in the day when I was playing Drums for Double Helix. Pretty interesting little article / review on our band. Not sure if this was written by one of our own or someone else. Musical Category: Pop/Rock
Musical Description: Modern, heavy, melodic rawk

In early 1999 Nelson Velazquez had just finished recording a solo project and was eager to engage in the group dynamic of a full band again when he met Patti Corrigan. The two began writing songs together and found inspiration in the music of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Jane's Addiction, Filter, and Dovetail Joint as well as in their mutual desire to infuse the rock scene with a modern, energetic and distinctive sound. Thus, out of an apartment along Lake Shore Drive, in a garage in the Suburbs and among the congested streets of Chicago developed the musical ideas that are the foundation of Double Helix.

A few months later Glen Gilbert arrived with a much welcomed second guitar to add depth to the evolving Double Helix sound. Glen's lead vocals and rhythm guitar brought the band's sound to a sharper and tempered edge.

Although still lacking a full time drummer, the band began working the local scene with Nelson doing duty on the skins. Having played a few gigs in this configuration, the band knew that they would need a fourth member in order to fully realize their envisioned sound.

In an effort to build their local reputation and also to hear themselves as a a four member band, Double Helix went into the studio and emerged with a well polished, high energy single "Little Unknown." This single was submitted to Chicago radio station WKQX-FM as an entry in the Local101 CD contest. "Little Unknown" did not make the final cut, but the song remains a crowd favorite at live shows.

As 1999 came to a close Double Helix acquired drummer Josh Glasser. Josh brought his own unique style and rhythms to the band, adding greater depth and diversity to the music. This was an important step in the band's evolution as it allowed all the members to focus on their respective roles in the group. Nelson, back on lead guitar, began exploring some of the less developed ideas in their songs. Glen's vocals and stage presence grew in strength and intensity while his guitar playing lent a firm base to Nelson's musings. Patti's bass playing became louder and more compelling. All the while, Josh's drum beats would keep everyone under control yet still manage to push them out further than they had been before.

There is a restless quality to Double Helix's music. It is the restless energy of it's members that makes Double Helix the exciting band that it is. It's why Glen toured the world with the U.S. Navy before his current gig with Double Helix. It's what brought Nelson from the dry, open roads of Texas to the cold, crowded streets of Chicago. Restlessness also left Double Helix without a bass player in the Spring of 2000.

Patti came across a career opportunity that would have her traveling to cities all over the country, but it would mean leaving the band she had been a part of for over a year. She was reluctant to leave the group, but that same discontented energy that emerged in her music was now taking her down a path that led away from Double Helix and on to something new.

With the loss of Patti, Double Helix had to shift into three-man mode again. This time it was Glen who pulled the extra duty of playing bass. They were able to adjust their performance to suit their new three piece arrangement and put on a great show at the July 3rd S.L.A.M. benefit. Such adaptability illustrates the group's skill and maturity.

Following their well received benefit performance, Double Helix underwent more changes. Scott Carnow joined as the new bass player, but this addition was accompanied by the loss of Josh Glasser. For the near future, Nelson is returning to the drums, Glen will play the lone guitar and Scott is taking up the reigns on bass where his skill promises to drive the band to a new level of playing.

The band may have come full circle in terms of its line-up, but the music, driven by the restlessness energy that is Double Helix, continues to grow and push forward the boundaries of rock.

See you at the next show, and remember, Double Helix loves you!

Influences include Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, DoveTail Joint,Red Hot Chili Peppers, Young M.C., D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Nirvana, Reel Big Fish,Pink Floyd,Janes Addiction,Type O Negative,Rush, Van Halen,Tool, Incubus, and A Perfect Circle.