Dont use

Back in Sept of 03, I signed up for which basically is an account that lets you monitor your credit score, provides credit tips, and credit progress.    They charge about $80.00 to use their services for more than 30 days.     Here's the kicker.   They claim they provide:


? Unlimited free credit reports and credit scores
       No they dont.   It costs about $20 to get the credit report for more than 1 bureau.  
       Their free credit report does NOT consist of the overall FICO score.   The credit report is
       only viewable for one month and then in order to get an updated one, you have to pay
       ANOTHER $20.  

? Alert notifications when a new inquiry, bankcard, delinquency, or public record is placed in your credit report
       This may be true.   I had a couple of inquiries on my report but NEVER got notified about it.

? Personalized Credit Analyzers that graphically display your credit standing and debt obligations
       They do have graphical charts but the problem is, it ONLY displays information based on a single Experian credit report.    NOT all three bureaus.    Also, I cleaned up my credit and my score went up alot, but their chart stayed at the same score which was inaccurate in the first place.

? Pre-populated tools and calculators to help you to perform "what if" scenarios projecting early debt payoff and reduced interest payments hints and tips regarding credit 
its a generic calculation using Debt to income ratio.    Waste of time.

? Peace of mind knowing that you are protecting yourself against the ever increasing risk of identity theft 
I have no idea what they are talking about here.    I think you have to pay more in order to get the credit protector features.