PHP include_path not working on Windows

I had added some directories to my include_path in php.ini and was still getting failed to open stream or file or directory not found.   It turns out that include_path should NOT have spaces in between the ; separator and the directory.

For example


include_path=".;D:wampbinphpphp5.2.5pear; D:wampbinphpphp5.2.5includes;



Hope this helps someone

Apache Slow on Windows Local network

So I was having issues where I was accessing my Window 7 tower that has apache webserver installed.    When accessing localhost on the box it was nice and fast.   It should be for an i7 processor and 6GB of ram.    BUT if I accessed the machine from my laptop within my home network, it was taking a LONG time for apache to return anything.   Here is what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. Pinged my tower from the laptop and response time was 3ms so network speed wasnt the problem.
  2. Created a static html file and pulling it up was still slow so I knew it wasnt PHP or MySQL performance.   had to be DNS, router, or something with Apache.
  3. The first change I made on the server, was to say goodbye to DHCP.   Gave the server a static IP address.
  4. Disabled the IPv6 protocol on the server's network adapter.
  5. Disabled DMZ on the Linksys wireless router since I didnt need it.

VOILA!   Superfast web server response time now.    Hope this helps someone


New PS3 Slim only $300!

Maybe I should have waited on purchasing a PS3...On August 25, 2009, Sony released the newest member of the PS3 family. Slimmer, lighter, and only $299, the PlayStation 3 120 GB has Wi-Fi and a Blu-ray player built in.    Amazon now has the new Slim version of the PS3 and its much cheaper at only $299.   Click Here to check it out.

Xbox 360s have also been price dropped.   The Elite and Pro versions of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console are also available at new, low prices on

Blu-Rays are Cheap now!

It's about time!   Blu-Ray discs can now be had for as low as $13.99 from   When HDDVD's were declared as not the preferred format, Fry's was selling them for anywhere from $6 to $12 for fairly decent or recent movies.    After I picked up a PS3 last year, I was so amazed at the quality of Blu-Ray.    The only recommendation to the Blu-ray newcomers is that you shouldnt expect EVERY movie to be crystal clear.   With Hi-Def experience, you start to see the graininess of the film/camera.    The best movies to pick up and TRUELY experience hi-def/BluRay are computer animated films like:


We Need Your Help with Family Tree

Yes, thats right, we need your help in collecting information to fill in some of the missing gaps.

Information such as: birth dates, deaths, marriages, divorces,
adoptions, last names of spouses, things of that nature. The new site
allows us to collect and integrate all sorts of information about
relatives or those we remember, such as photos, stories, and all kinds
of personal information. In order to facilitate the collection we have
a genealogical data collection form which you can use to make things a
little easier for you here.


Prototype "Ajax.Request is not a constructor" Fix

If you are using Prototype with bsn.Autosuggest, you may receive "Ajax.Request is not a constructor" errors when attempting to post a new Ajax Request.    I encountered this when implementing Starbox while also having bsn.Autosuggest loaded too.

The fix for me was to replace "_bsn.Ajax" with "_bsn.Ajax2" in the bsn.autosuggest javascript file.   There was a conflict where Starbox was trying to use the Ajax object from autosuggest instead of prototype.


Da Bears Beat the Packers!

Oh man...tonights game against the packers was tense!   The satellite signal wasnt strong for ESPN and so I lost the game off and on but I managed to watch the game throughout.

I really thought the Bears were going to lose when they were down by 11 points.   They weren't playing very well and Kyle Orton needs to learn how to use his eyes...HE STARES DOWN HIS RECEIVERS.

But I digress.   The Bears truly kicked up intensity at the end of the game.   Peterson's horse collar foul almost screwed em but props to the team for blocking that freakin field goal attempt!