Another case of idiotic Americans being sue happy

Read this article at the Chicago Sun Times about 'Grand Theft Auto' makers blamed for triple killing

This is another prime example of parents blaming someone else for their child's actions and trying to get rich for $600 million!!   Idiots.   

Think about this:

  1. How and why did the child get access to a Gun and ammunition?   maybe because parent's didnt have a Gun Safe or gun lock?
  2. Does the kid actually think that if it happens in a video game, it must be ok?
  3. Why do the parents allow the child to play a violent video game?  
  4. Did the parents not have the one-on-one talk about "hey, guns are dangerous" or "hey, don't kill people" or "hey, mommy and daddy need to work more so you need to babysit yourself for a while. "


More Proof that Cruise is crazy and confused!

Suri Cruise Gold PoopOk.
Tom and Katie Cruise have gone too far...again. They had an artist, create a
gold cast of what their 19-week old's first bowel movement should look like.

A few weeks ago, Nicole and I had imprinted our daughters foot prints
and I have some gold-casted baby shoes from my childhood
somewhere. But to cast their CRAP in gold? come
on Tom. Lay off the wacky tobaccy.

I also don't understand how this could be their daughters first bowel
movement? The first poop happens quickly after birth and
its not solid as shown in their picture. Baby's first poop
usually looks like dark-green slim which is the meconium.
Then they have cottage-cheese-like turds in mustard color.
Just in case you wanted to know.  


I messed up...

I admit, I messed up. Here was last weekend's game plan for Saturday:

  1. 10:30AM - 2:00 PM - Work on my Jeep's rear-end with a friend's expertise.
  2. 2:00-4:00 PM - Work on the house
  3. 5:00 PM - Take Nicole out to Dinner
  4. 7:00 PM till ? - have a nice intimate evening

Hurricane Katrina Support

We have a few relatives who live in Louisiana and have been affected by the Hurricanes. We are glad that they are alive and well.

Help Support Victims of Hurricane Katrina by going to the following official websites:

Salvation Army

American Red Cross

Humane Society of the US

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Network for Good

Do NOT donate to unconfirmed sources or help groups as they may be fraudulent. />/>/>/>/>/>/>/>


CDs for Sale

We are trying to scale down our Music collection to the essentials only. As a DJ I have often purchased crap that I have played only once and never listened to again. So we pulled out only 50 or so CD's that we do not want. So, we're selling them for $2 a piece. If you want any of the below, Let us know...


Stevie - An Amazing Documentary

I found a documentary that was based on a guy from my hometown that I knew slightly. I couldn't believe a film had been made about this guy but after seeing it, it blew me away to find out how rough this guy really had it.

The documentary is called "Stevie", written and directed by Steve James in 2003.

"When director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) attended Southern Illinois University, he became Stevie Fielding's Advocate Big Brother. Stevie was a demanding, hyperactive child living a heartbreaking life. When James relocated to Chicago to begin a film career in 1985, he ended his formal duties to Stevie. Ten years later, James again visits Stevie (now in his mid-twenties) and finds out what happened to him in the interim. Not a pretty story."


Site Suspension

our site was suspended by ipowerweb recently. ipowerweb could not even tell me why EXACTLY it was suspended. They said there was a security hole but could not explain what security hole. When I emailed the abuse group, they kept responding saying that the site is up and running fine.....DUH! It is now because I had to call and get it unsuspended.