More Proof that Cruise is crazy and confused!

Suri Cruise Gold PoopOk.
Tom and Katie Cruise have gone too far...again. They had an artist, create a
gold cast of what their 19-week old's first bowel movement should look like.

A few weeks ago, Nicole and I had imprinted our daughters foot prints
and I have some gold-casted baby shoes from my childhood
somewhere. But to cast their CRAP in gold? come
on Tom. Lay off the wacky tobaccy.

I also don't understand how this could be their daughters first bowel
movement? The first poop happens quickly after birth and
its not solid as shown in their picture. Baby's first poop
usually looks like dark-green slim which is the meconium.
Then they have cottage-cheese-like turds in mustard color.
Just in case you wanted to know.  


High-Performance Jeep Cherokee XJ Builder's Guide

I just finished reading the "High-Performance Jeep
Cherokee XJ Builder's Guide" written by Eric Zappe.   My wife got it
for me and I have to say that I REALLY wished that I had this book a
long time ago when I first got my XJ.    

Covers the
history of the XJ and describes with detail and pics the various years,
axles, suspension, steering, driveline, camber, castor, Snorkels (easy Remi), trimming, gears, etc etc
etc.   The book includes a few rigs examples of short arm vs long arm,
over-the-knuckle / high steer setups,  leaf vs coil over. and on and on.

I'd recommend  this book to add to anyone's library but, this book does
NOT serve as step-by-step instructions for every possible XJ Project.  

Check it Out!


Jiffy Lube Scams

Wanna know why they're called Jiffy Lube and their slogan is "Lube it
or lose it"?   Probably because its not referring to your car
but more like your ass.   A news station performed an
undercover investigation and found that 5 out of the 9 Jiffy Lube
centers they went to, never performed the work.

See The News Video


New Language Course available?

During college, I was studying foreign languages. Specifically, Spanish & French. After coming across this article, I was amazed...

So for those who find it difficult to learn proper english, your answer has arrived....yo.

Ebonics suggested for district

When will it end? This has nothing to do with race. Pretty soon, there will be proposal to indentify "Hick" as an official language. And then there will be "Latino Slang" shortly followed by "Yiddish Yakety Yak".