Hurricane Katrina Support

We have a few relatives who live in Louisiana and have been affected by the Hurricanes. We are glad that they are alive and well.

Help Support Victims of Hurricane Katrina by going to the following official websites:

Salvation Army

American Red Cross

Humane Society of the US

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Network for Good

Do NOT donate to unconfirmed sources or help groups as they may be fraudulent. />/>/>/>/>/>/>/>


Countywide Jeep...5-Star Service my a**

I took my Jeep in to have them inspect the rear differential because of the play in the rear end. When they first called me, it was going to be a week and over $800 in labor and parts to repair the play. They weren't sure what the problem was.

When i called back about Flushing and replacing the differential oil, they said they would have to do that tomorrow. I asked why and they explained that they would have to remove the diff. cover. I asked "Didnt you remove this when inspecting the differential?" No, we just removed the diff. plug and looked at the fluid color...

Now how in the hell can you properly dianose anything if you don't look at the Ring & Pinion? You dont stick your finger in your butt to see if you have a disease.


Earthquakes Galore

While Mitch and Sarah were visiting from Chicago, they got to experience a quake on the 12th. Then a day after, Northern California experienced a 7.1 off the coast. Today we had a 5.3 that was centered in Beaumont, CA. So far it was the strongest I had felt yet since moving here. I work on the 6th floor in a 21 story office building. My monitors were shaking and the blinds were swaying.


Housewarming Party

Nicole and I would like to invite you to our housewarming party at 6PM on Feb 12th (It?s a Saturday) at our new townhouse (well new to us at least). Feel free to bring either appetizers, beverages, or anything that you would like to liven up the party or brighten our new home (Amazon wishlist at bottom :) ).


For Sale - 1999 Maxima - $10K OBO

For Sale - 1999 Nissan Maxima
66K Miles, Still Under Warranty, Runs Perfectly, Brand New Tires as of
01/17, garage kept, clean, free and clear carfax available, service records available on request. We love this car but have to sell because
we need a larger vehicle. $10,000 Or BEST OFFER. Title held by GMAC so we cannot accept any payments.

Call 773.354.6715 or 714.376.2508 for more information./>/>


Site Suspension

our site was suspended by ipowerweb recently. ipowerweb could not even tell me why EXACTLY it was suspended. They said there was a security hole but could not explain what security hole. When I emailed the abuse group, they kept responding saying that the site is up and running fine.....DUH! It is now because I had to call and get it unsuspended.


Prayers for Samantha

Samantha Buechele, a long time family friend, was recently hospitalized for congestive heart failure and she awaits a new heart. Please think of her and her family and give your prayers as they face this challenge. Samantha is very young, so I know she will be strong enough to accept a new heart. Also, remember to be an organ donor, and put that little sticker on your license.


How Lenny Feels

Lenny was just sitting at his desk and minding his own horse business when he thought about Josh and Nicole. After thinking about them for a minute Lenny felt good so he decided to make an anouncement. "I like Josh and Nicole!" he shouted. Lenny got some strange looks because he was at work so he decided to type his announcement on nicandjosh so that they would know how he felt. The End


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