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Getting rid of Widdit and search.searchcompletion.com

I had an issue where each time firefox loaded, it was calling widdit.com and search.searchcompletion.com.    I tried disabling all extensions in firefox chrome and IE, cleared my temp folders, reinstalled firefox but it didnt work.

Finally found that deleting the vShare Browser plugin completely solved the problem. 

Hope this helps someone.


Outlook 2010 Crashes on Startup

My Outlook 2010 kept crashing on start-up.    According to the event logs, was due to faulting module mso.dll with Event ID 1000.   Here's the steps I took to resolve it on win 7 Home Premium.

  1. ran scanpst.exe in C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Office 14/ folder - found some errors in the pst file so I repaired it.   Outlook still didn't load.
  2. Found that I had many Outlook related Windows Updates to run and install.   Did that.  No dice.
  3. What worked: 
    1. Closed Outlook
    2. Cut and pasted the mso.dll file over to the Desktop folder as a temp holding spot
    3. Started Outlook and it reran the Microsoft Office Single image installer.
    4. Let it complete
    5. Started outlook and it finally gave me a handy error that the Exchange plugin kept failing - would I like to disable it?   HELL YES
    6. Voila!!! Outlook started up

Apache Slow on Windows Local network

So I was having issues where I was accessing my Window 7 tower that has apache webserver installed.    When accessing localhost on the box it was nice and fast.   It should be for an i7 processor and 6GB of ram.    BUT if I accessed the machine from my laptop within my home network, it was taking a LONG time for apache to return anything.   Here is what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. Pinged my tower from the laptop and response time was 3ms so network speed wasnt the problem.
  2. Created a static html file and pulling it up was still slow so I knew it wasnt PHP or MySQL performance.   had to be DNS, router, or something with Apache.
  3. The first change I made on the server, was to say goodbye to DHCP.   Gave the server a static IP address.
  4. Disabled the IPv6 protocol on the server's network adapter.
  5. Disabled DMZ on the Linksys wireless router since I didnt need it.

VOILA!   Superfast web server response time now.    Hope this helps someone