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If you are a first time admin of Joomla,  you may notice when you post an article, you see a quirky "Details" text appear above the publisher info such as:


Welcome to my Site

Category: Site news
Published on Saturday, 03 March 2012 21:36
blah blah blah

Here are the steps to remove the Details text from Joomla articles within Joomla 2.5.x:



PHP include_path not working on Windows

I had added some directories to my include_path in php.ini and was still getting failed to open stream or file or directory not found.   It turns out that include_path should NOT have spaces in between the ; separator and the directory.

For example


include_path=".;D:wampbinphpphp5.2.5pear; D:wampbinphpphp5.2.5includes;



Hope this helps someone

Prototype "Ajax.Request is not a constructor" Fix

If you are using Prototype with bsn.Autosuggest, you may receive "Ajax.Request is not a constructor" errors when attempting to post a new Ajax Request.    I encountered this when implementing Starbox while also having bsn.Autosuggest loaded too.

The fix for me was to replace "_bsn.Ajax" with "_bsn.Ajax2" in the bsn.autosuggest javascript file.   There was a conflict where Starbox was trying to use the Ajax object from autosuggest instead of prototype.


Mass Deleting Comments from Spammers in Gallery

In case anyone needs this:

If you had a gallery installation where the comments where open to guests and started getting spammers, you can do this:

delete from g2_Comments where g_comment like '[url=%';

or to do by IP address since they are alike usually:
delete from g2_Comments where g_host like '197.66.55%';

Then when you think you've got the junk out, run cleanup:
delete g2_ChildEntity, g2_Entity from g2_ChildEntity, g2_Entity where g2_ChildEntity.g_id=g2_Entity.g_id and g2_Entity.g_entityType='GalleryComment' and g2_Entity.g_id not in (select g_id from g2_Comment)



Why in the world does Dreamhost not enable certain libraries I have no idea.   I wanted to try out some new accounting stuff (PHP based) and it doesnt work because the bcmath library is needed.   Yea yea yea, I know I could do a custom installation of PHP but come should enable just about everything unless you have good security reasons not to.  



Million Dollar Home Page is Stupid...but so are the advertisers

I saw a cover story on the Million Dollar Home Page. Basically this guy started selling 1 pixel of advertising for $1. He has had people offer up to $40K for some spots on the site. I think its ridiculous because who wants to look at millions of pixels of advertisements? The advertisers that purchase the spots are just as dumb. But....the founder of the Million Dollar Home Page is making serious bank so props to him for coming up with somthing so simple...