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I Hate Spammers

I know that spam email has been around for a LONG time now. I'm just getting really tired of it. so I am thinking about creating a db of spam emailers just so everyone can have fun spamming them back. Example: runs and they sent me an email using Amazon images with software product links. Looked just like the Amazon Product overview. The images link directly to amazon but clicking on the product takes you to this ugly website

Feel free to email them and say hi./>/>


Pentagon reveals rejected chemical weapons

Wanna see how our tax dollars are hard at work? Take a look at the proposed plans for chemical weapon development that will blow your mind:

Full Article at

I would like a job on the panel that helps come up with these ideas so I could pimp slap some of these idiots. 7.5 Million dollar research program? Just give me the money and I could give you stupid ideas like that....


Working on Real Estate Website

I'm currently working on a new real estate website on the side.   It is for a good friend of mine who I used to work with at Apollo Solutions.     Ryan Rouland began doing real estate after relocating from Chicago back to Southern California where he is originally from.

His real estate website is

Specializing in Orange County real estate in locations like Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Corona Del Mar and others.

Let me know what you think...


Dont use

Back in Sept of 03, I signed up for which basically is an account that lets you monitor your credit score, provides credit tips, and credit progress.    They charge about $80.00 to use their services for more than 30 days.     Here's the kicker.   They claim they provide:



Music, Movie, and Game list

I implemented openDb which basically allows anyone to store a list of their movies, music, and games in a database. Then you can see what people have in their collection, purchase the movie if you are interested, or request to borrow the movie. Its a shopping cart setup for borrowing. This is similar to what you would expect when going to a video rental store.