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Stevie - An Amazing Documentary

I found a documentary that was based on a guy from my hometown that I knew slightly. I couldn't believe a film had been made about this guy but after seeing it, it blew me away to find out how rough this guy really had it.

The documentary is called "Stevie", written and directed by Steve James in 2003.

"When director Steve James (Hoop Dreams) attended Southern Illinois University, he became Stevie Fielding's Advocate Big Brother. Stevie was a demanding, hyperactive child living a heartbreaking life. When James relocated to Chicago to begin a film career in 1985, he ended his formal duties to Stevie. Ten years later, James again visits Stevie (now in his mid-twenties) and finds out what happened to him in the interim. Not a pretty story."


Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred

Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred
By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus
Posted: 16/05/2003 at 15:12 GMT

The average American moviegoer taking in the Matrix Reloaded this weekend will likely be wowed by the elaborate action sequences and dazzling special effects. But hackers who've seen the blockbuster are crediting it with a more subtle cinematic milestone: it's the first major motion picture to accurately portray a hack.

That's right: Trinity uses a 'sploit.

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American Idol

Nicole can't pry herself away from the American Idol reality show! Of course, being a singer herself, she's sucked in like the gravitational pull.
She's either angry at the judges who represent all evil in the music industry (except for Paula), or she's admiring of the talented contestants. Or she's frustrated with the lack of talent of some who still seem to get in the spotlight.
Aren't shows supposed to keep you entertained? This one keeps her on the edge of her seat.

I can say that at least it motivates her to start singing again since she has such a beautiful voice!